13 May 2011

Blogger Outage

No we didn't go away and sulk... Blogger has had major problems in the last 36 hours.

Two posts that were published yesterday were restored but without any comments. Which is a particular pain on the Twitter post!

My post about my Malden change over was restored to an earlier version not the version that was published, so I'm trying to repair that one. Also all the comments on that post have also been lost.

Looking closer, all the comments from yesterday have not been restored.  I have them as emails, but there's no way to reimport them. 

Sorry for this outage, it's outside of our control and we are just as annoyed about it as you are. I will be looking at other possible options for the future.

Thanks for your patience and support. 


  1. Sorry to hear that but you know we will all be checking back in so ... not too many worries, ok?

  2. Oh you're lucky.. I've lost most of this week's posts.. hey ho.. great to be back online.. lol

  3. Glad y'all are OK.

    I had been looking forward to FFAF, but it will keep until next week.

  4. hi Steve

    Time to look at Wordpress more closely maybe?


  5. Yes David, that is running through my mind at the moment,but it's not something I'm going to dive in to because the timing for me isn't perfect at the moment with me travelling next week.

    But I need to sketch out all the pros and cons etc in the next week or so...

    Watch this space as they say...

  6. I'm trying to restore the comments that have not been returned to the blog by Google,

    Sadly they will all appear from me not the original person. But I'm posting them in full.


  7. I'm told that Blogger are restoring comments as well. I will remove the ones I've uploaded again if they do reappear over the weekend.


  8. Hi Steve,
    So glad Philofaxy is back on schedule. As A says, we'll all be checking back in.... we love Philofaxy too much not to!! xx

  9. Another update. Comments are being restored by Google (Blogger) but they may take all weekend to appear. More comments than posts obviously.

    The only thing we appear to have lost is my final version of my Malden change post. Sadly I can't remember the final paragraph wording exactly. Best left as it is I'm afraid.

    Thanks for your patience and support yesterday. We have some more interesting posts than this one coming up for you in the next few days.


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