13 May 2011

Free for All Friday No. 130

Blogger's back! And so I'm finally able to do my Friday post. (Blogger was down Thursday night my time, Eastern U.S., when I tried to do my usual last-minute panicked FFAF post.)

It's rare for Blogger to be out-of-commission. Annoying though it may be, such outages make us aware of the dichotomy between our digital and analog lives. As Philofaxers, we already have at least one foot firmly planted in the analog.

Besides Filofaxes, what non-digital objects do you love in your life?

For me, one of those things is beautiful luggage! I just bought a Victorinox wheeled briefcase/laptop case to see me through my one-day trip to New York for the Philofaxy meetup. I bought it at Leather World, where I've also bought Filofaxes and refills. I had a nice talk with one of the employees, who was tickled to hear about the Philofaxy blog and the meetup, when I told her why I was buying the bag. (When I wrote down the blog link for her, she aptly noticed that I didn't have a Filofax pen in my pen loop, though.) She wants a full report when I get back!

Another one is trains! Air travel is so awful nowadays, that I take the train whenever possible, even though it can be less expensive to fly from Boston or Providence to New York, Philadelphia, or Washington. I'm taking the train to New York and back the same day, since I couldn't get a room in the City for just one weekend night. Besides, sometimes one would rather sleep in one's own bed.

I'm getting autosave error messages as I type this...I guess Blogger is still a bit sickly. As I sit here typing in the same room off my garden where I set up my first PowerMac 6100, I feel like it's 1997 all over again!


  1. I love my handbags! Functional, stylish so like Filofaxes one can never have too many! ;-)

  2. I also LOVE handbags. I love most accessories, umbrellas, wallets, keyrings, little bags and cases, all of it. Filofax love is just a natural extension of that.

  3. I have a question to throw out to everyone for Free for All Friday:

    Everyone seems to be crazy for the Malden line of Filofaxes. I've never seen or held one, so tell me:

    What's so compelling about them? What about them makes everyone swoon?

    Is there anyone out there who thinks they're only so-so?

    If I were considering one, give me some of your reasons for buying it (or not).

  4. T the softness of the leather on the Malden is quite different to other models currently sold.

    They lay flat out of the box.

    They are all leather and I personally think the quality of them is very good.

  5. I ordered a personal Malden in ochre from Pens and Leather and it hasn't arrived it, I'm worried it's lost! Does anyone know their policy for items being delivered to the UK that have got lost?

    Also, I wanted to buy a filo from city organiser (I hadn't decided which one, maybe the red Amazona or crimson Malden) and both times I had made my mind up to actually buy it, they had gone from the website!! Does anyone know if they restock frequently?

  6. I'm determined to end today on a positive note, despite the technology minefield I've been going through today!!!! Roll on Saturday... today hasn't been one of my best I'm afraid.

    So can I wish you all a great time at the meet up tomorrow in New York, and I know I and lots of others will be with you in spirit if nothing else. Looking forward to seeing the photos afterwards.

    Have a great day and I'm sure there will be lots of smiles on your faces in the pictures.


  7. + swiss army watch
    + leatherman
    + my pens and pencils
    + handkerchiefs

  8. I addition to my pens, pencils, notebooks, paper planners and Filofaxes, I love books. I don't see myself ever buying an e-reader, no matter how "convenient" they are. I like to hold the book in my hands and turn the pages. Also, when I buy a book, it's mine for as long as it's sitting on my shelf. I've heard stories of people "buying" books on Kindle or similar, to have them erased by Amazon (or wherever they purchased them from), because of licensing errors or whatever. No thanks.

    In general I try to be as analog as I can. I have a deep mistrust of technology and I have a very low tolerance for glitches. I enjoy the simplicity of using a real object that I can manipulate in my hands and not have to rely on electronic gadgets to work, when they feel like doing so!

  9. Like Laurie, I love books and can't imagine ever getting an e-reader. I love being able to flick though them, the feel of them in my hands and seeing them lined up on my shelves etc.
    I also love paper/notebooks (as well as my FF) and, for some reason, wooden boxes. No great use for the boxes, but I love both boxes and small sets of drawers (like in old haberdashers or similar). DH finds it amusing and perplexing in equal measure!

    Oh and Steve, chin up. we are all such a loyal band of followers, none of us will have 'gone away' because of the bloger outage!

  10. Like Laurie and Amanda, I too love an actual book. I don't own an ereader and won't until I am forced to. I see their benefit and if I traveled a lot, I might be enticed. But there is something about a book - it's feel, it's smell, the satisfying page-turning. The idea of it is much like using a planner over a device.

    Like Nan, I like the idea of trains as well. It's not often that I go anywhere that requires me to take either. But I've always wanted to travel cross-county on a train. The time it takes and the money required over flying though doesn't make it a reasonable option when merely "getting somewhere."

    And I'm also a handbag lover! I'm just as happy with a cute Target bag as I am with designer brands.

  11. I love other accessories, but fountain pens are my other big thing. Really love Mont Blanc. Also partial to sunglasses for some reason! Handbags I like but find it harder to justify the cost! If I was going to give my younger self some advice it would be "buy a lot less but buy the best you can afford". If I've bought quality items, I've looked after them and by and large have them still.

  12. Another book lover here! Not so bothered about handbags though, I only have one.

    I have never seen a malden and I am also intrigued to know why people love them so much. I shall have to see if I can seek one out in real life. The photos on the web always leave me a bit cold...

  13. TPS, I've asked CityOrg and they are trying to restock the crimson Malden. However since it us a discontinued item, they are not yet sure if they'll succeed...!