14 May 2011

Vintage Pink Malden Personal - Guest Review

Well I know there have been a lot of 'comments' (some negative) about the 'Vintage Pink Malden' so it was quite heartening in a way when one of our readers mentioned they had bought one.... so it was a must to ask them for a review with pictures....  So thank you to Lisa. 

After much deliberating regarding buying an Osterley, I requested a brochure from Filofax and was surprised that it was the Malden that really looked perfect. I ordered it on Friday lunchtime and it arrived Saturday morning, much to my husband's surprise! It is absolutely wonderful, even our 17 year old son, who is not given to liking his Mum's purchases, admired it and made a comment that sums it up perfectly: "simple but nice". After using the Ruby Deco (which I am selling), which lived in a drawer of it's own, the Malden is on view in the bookcase, that has glass doors to prevent it from dust, but means that I can check it every time I walk by it!

It arrived in one of the slip-case boxes and is in absolutely perfect condition, I dedicated yesterday morning to putting all essential information in it and it was just lovely to write in. The paper seemed as nice as the cotton cream, and I love the colour although it wouldn't be to everyone's taste, and it lies nice and flat when I write in it, as you can see from the photos - at least when the diary is evenly balanced, if that makes sense!

I have included some other pink items in the photos so you can possibly see what shade of pink the Malden is, it has a slight sheen to it but isn't really glossy. It's better than any other filofax I have ever owned, and this one is for keeps - much to my husband's relief! I even prefer it to the Deco, simple is beautiful, I think is the case.


  1. Lovely to see photo's of the Vintage Pink. I didn't take any notice of it at the London meet up and I actually think I like this better than the crimson.

    Oh, and keep your Deco too. Don't sell the Deco, it's a Deco!!!!

    One 'posh, personal, just for you' (Deco) filo and one filo for everything else.

  2. Thanks for the review and the pictures! Much appreciated. It actually looks a lot nicer than I would have expected. And I agree: don't sell that gorgeous Deco. No crime in owning 2 filofaxes!!!! (ehum.... or more....)

  3. Thanks for the review Lisa. I was one of those who didn't like the vintage pink. However I am glad you are loving yours as the Malden is fantastic! I bought one in Crimson.

    I think they should do more colours as the leather is lovely. Oh and don't sell your Deco!! You can impress with a bit of bling sometimes! ;-)

  4. I agree with everyone else, I am really happy some one is enjoying the vintage pink Malden. Every Filo deserves a little bit of love.

    @CP, I would be very happy to see the Malden in a Bone or like an Antique White. Somwthing creamy, neutral, and very classic.

    Maybe I can put my bid in with Filofax USA and see what happens! ;)

  5. ooooh - bone would be beautiful! even i would consider getting one of those and i'm black to the bone.

    i agree with everyone else - although i don't own a deco it's a beautiful piece - if you sell it, you might regret it later. you should hang on to it for at least a couple of years... it will definitely be sellable then and maybe even be more precious - either to you or your potential buyer

  6. Don't sell the Deco! Don't sell the Deco!

    Great post - thanks!

  7. I actually like this color pink, it's more of a mauve. If it were a true pink it wouldn't appeal to me.


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