23 May 2011

Flex by Filofax - Review Part 3

And here is the video!  Enjoy....

Don't worry... Philofaxy isn't going to become Philoflexy...!!!!

And you can now buy the Flex on-line


  1. Excellent review Steve! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these for work. I can do away with the paper calendar and online task list and put it all in one place AND still have room for meeting notes and the like. I'm quite excited now!

    One question, since this is debuting mid-year, does the diary start with 2011, or not until 2012?

  2. Hi
    You might remember from Part 1


    The diary inserts I received are 2011/2012 13 month week to view and they include the following:

    13 month week per view diary (July 2011 – July 2012) in English only
    Each week has a ‘This Week’ space along with a monthly calendar and then equal spaces for each day.
    Four year calendar blocks
    2012 + 2013 Month planners (the cover sheet says 2011 + 2012 this is an error)
    International information
    European information.
    Notable dates
    Religious festivals
    Weights and Measures
    The World and time
    Personal Information.

    And they also have a Dec 2011 to Dec 2012 13 month diary available too, in all three sizes

  3. Very cool video - you did a terrific job! Plus, everything you wrote is now crystal clear!

    I really hope you do more of these, Steve!

  4. Thanks Robin! I think I've now mastered the technical side of things, I just need to get the presenting side of things sorted!!

    But yes I think on something as new as the Flex, the video adds heaps more to the written review. It is not a product we are all familiar with, so no matter how much I wrote or photographed them, getting the concept of the pockets across was never going to be easy.

    So yes there will be more video reviews to go along with the written and photos...

    Oh and before anyone asks... no fake tan was used!! It's for real!!!

  5. why was i thinking "oh i can buy a flex and take the pen loop card out, poke holes in it, and WHAM extra pen loop for my filofax"

  6. Take a look at Part 2 of the review and follow the Amazon link, you can buy the Pen Loops on their own... no need to buy the whole thing if you want to try out your extra pen loop idea.....

  7. lol my world has changed. i have heard steve's voice!

  8. Join in the next Skype chat and get to talk to me then!!!

    I'm not sure if I sound like a typical English person or not. I can hear my northern accent somewhere in there on certain words, which I don't suppose I will ever lose. But it's a bit mixed up I suppose having lived in South Eastern England for most of my life.

  9. Excellent review Steve. This is definitely on my must have list for the notebooks! I hadn't quite got it before but I am a visual person so seeing the video has helped a great deal. I can't wait for when it becomes available online.
    Now I only need to decide on colour!

  10. Fabulous review Steve - it all makes perfect sense.

    Now, will this finally be The One for Laurie we wonder?? It certainly seems to be something for me to think about for my 'I like to carry a notebook and a diary but the rings in the filofax get in the way' problem. I also like A5 but feel the A5 filofaxes can be a bit of a beast to carry around. This is presumably a lot lighter. Shame it's not actually leather though...

    Maybe I will experiment!

  11. Absolutely brilliant video Steve, thanks for showing us the ins and outs as it were for the Flex. I especially like that the diary and notebook can be fully open next to each other with no pages obscured.

    In the shot where you show that (at 5:38), what is the diary page? Is it some kind of month view? Looks like it could be months as columns with 6 months across the 2 page spread?

    Thanks again for this video review, it's great to see how the whole thing works!

  12. Hi Laurie
    I will pop a scan of it on Flickr and pop a link in here.

    Yes it's a monthly planner double spread for 6 months.

    There is a 2012 one in the front and 2013 one in the back

    Although the diary is July 2011 to July 2012, I guess they are using the same pages for the Jan 2012-Jan 2013 diary as well.

  13. Sounds great Steve, thanks!

  14. Here is the link to the Monthly calendar that you caught a brief glimpse of..


    Also in the Philofaxy Flickr group I've added a few photos of the Flex with a Crimson Malden so you can see which colour matches it best... matter of taste I guess...

  15. Right, right. Thanks for the info again, Steve.

  16. looks amazing. i am going to get a pocket magenta with a diary and thin notebook, and trial it as a wallet with the card slots and tucking bank notes in the pockets behind the inserts. amazing.

  17. OK if you have any 'readers questions' I think I will mop them all up with one final part on this product.

    Please post your questions in the next day or so. Thanks


  18. okay - really girly question, but... are the covers of the notepads etc colour-matched to the binders? The ones in the video are grey and (sorry!) I'm not that into grey. It would be funky if the magenta binder could have magenta covers to the notebooks.

    I do realise that is such a girly Q though!

  19. Great review - thanks Steve! I love this idea and it could be great for work. I have just one niggling doubt. It all looked a bit "floppy" if you know what I mean. I wonder if without some kind of elasticated strap or closer when I put it in my bag it would fall open and the inserts become damaged. Any thoughts on that?
    Take care and keep smiling!

  20. Nellie and Amanda, I'm answering your questions in my 'Readers Questions' post on the Flex which should be on line by the weekend, or when we don't get any more detailed questions like yours.

    Thanks for raising these questions though they are really good ones to ask.

  21. Until I saw this, I thought "What's the point of the Flex if you have a Filofax?" Ahh, NOW I get it! Excellent video! Thank you.

  22. Would it be possilbe to get 3 notebooks in there?

  23. I will try it and photograph it for the last part of the review..

    Two of them overlapping do fit but it might be a little tricky to use. But I will photograph it and you can decide.

  24. I was thinking this would be excellent for students, they could use a notebook per topic and it's not out of their price range either.

  25. Does it have any kind of page marker, like a ribon for the Diary? just came to my mind? or are they going to sell a special page marker or do you just have to do that yourself? :-)

  26. Thanks for the great review Steve! I can't wait for the Flex to be released in the US. Wish I could get my hands on one now. Do you think the inserts are best/easiest used when removed from the Flex? As in, the Flex is more of a storage device than a usable folder?

  27. Hi SP
    No I would use the inserts inside the Flex binder. And although I've been swapping them around a lot for photos and the video.

    I suspect a lot of people will load their binder up as they like it and just use it in the same way until they need to replace the insert because they have filled it up.

  28. Here's a Link to a German Shop - Schacht & Westrich - Flex is in stock already.

  29. Apparently, the 2nd edition of the Flex by Filofax covers is on its way. I contacted Filofax itself and they replied that the leather look covers are due to be released in June/July and the leather (including Nappa leather) covers in September/October.


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