18 May 2011

What's in your Filofax? :Addresses and Contacts

In this week's edition of our What's in your Filofax? series the subject is addresses and contacts.

I keep my master addresses and contacts information in my A5 Finsbury that stays home. This is the one I use when addressing my Christmas cards. Everyone I know in my life is in my A5.

In my personal Deco I keep addresses, phone numbers and other contact information for everyone I might need to contact on a regular basis.  That way whenever I travel, I have all of my emergency contact info, and addresses of people to send post cards to.

I also keep a list of all the phone numbers that are in my mobile phone so if it ever gets lost or broken I can re-create all my contacts in a new phone.

I know many people these days keep their contact information only electronically. Do you use your Filofax to hold addresses, phone numbers and other contact information?


  1. That is the one thing I don't use my Filofax for, I have an iMac, iPad and iPhone, so that is were I keep my addressess. My filos are stuffed with other things, so I'm glad that I don't have that in there.

  2. I dont use my filofax for addresses at all, i have some important numbers written down, but i took all the address sections out to save weight, i might use them later? I dont know, but i dont have hundreds of addresses or anyhing like that :-( and i like to write letters

  3. Besides having to decide which colour I use for which kind of notes, this is my most bothering task.

    Last winter, when updating the diary for 2011, I removed all addresses and business cards from my Filofax. And I haven't reorganised them ever since :(

    Since I also keep it all in my Mac and iPhone, there are so many information entries to each person, that I cannot put it all in the place a Filofax template offers.

    So, I would very much have it all in my Filo, but haven't imagined a "good system" yet.

    Kind regards, Thomas

  4. I keep all my addresses in my 'master copy' filo behind their respective tabs. In my slimline which I carry with me all the time I condensed my addresses down to 4 pages and only carry "relevant/important" address/phone numbers with me. The slimline only comes with 12 (slimline a-z) tabs and so I pull those out and replace with spare subject tabs. Better to have 6 tabs than 12.
    I have also done this with my A5 work filo, saves flipping through the a-z trying to find the correct number.

  5. I don't have addresses in my planner. I have my addresses/contacts on my BlackBerry. That is also on my computer in Outlook (and I have two external hard drives that get backed up daily). More room for other goodies in my binder!

  6. i keep maybe 6 addresses and contacts in my filofax but all of my contact info is in my google contacts which automatically sinks with my phone, and mac so i never have to update multiple devices.

  7. Been lurking for a while. Time to jump in.
    I keep addresses & phone #'s at home but keep just phone #'s in the one I carry around. I also border a couple of pages with a yellow highlighter and use those pages for emergency numbers. My house got broken into once and those highlighted pages made my life so much easier.

  8. I have a tiny Lechtureum address book that sits in the back pocket of my Filo. I had a similar thing when I used a Moleskine. I also have all its contents in my laptop, my iPod and an address book in my studio. Full addresses, emails, phone numbers, everything are in all places. My computer blew up two years ago taking my email address book with it proving that "point of use" is pointless in this instance.

  9. Aloha! A really long time lurker, first time commentator here!

    As much as technologies have rapidly advanced, they are still likely to fail. Bearing that in mind, although my contacts are stored in my home computers / laptops / tablets / hard drive / thumb drives / smart phones, I have back-ups of back-ups in paper form.

    Even though it only keeps a master list of addresses, my at-home Filo has an overstuffed burrito aesthetic because the list is exhaustive. My grad school Filo has a section for networking info related to academia and research, my main Filo has a list of important contacts, and finally, my pocket--the one used for smaller purses--also has a list of important contacts.

    You could say that I NEED to have contact info; a lot of my scholarly research interests are in not-so-safe locales.

  10. @A Well-Preserved Me:
    I like your emergency numbers idea. Currently the only emergency contacts in my Filo are in case someone needs to contact people on my behalf, like if I'm in an accident. I never thought it might be helpful to have numbers *I'd* need to call in there.
    I don't currently keep any kind of contacts pages in my Filo, I do that exclusively electronically. There's a lot of redundancy, I have my computers sync with my phone and the cloud, so I'm not worried about loss, but having a list of useful contacts, like insurance companies, etc. would be really helpful in an emergency.
    I do keep a handful of business cards in my Filo, with contacts I'll only need temporarily, so it's not worth entering them into my phone.
    Right now the only thing I use telephone/address sheets for is username/password info for websites, carefully obfuscated so only I understand what they mean.

  11. @Stirwise
    I have phone #'s for my credit card companies, insurance companies, a reputable locksmith, a towing service. Like I said, a lifesaver.

  12. I used to keep some addresses (mainly close friends and family) in my Filo, but removed them when I revamped. Now they are in my Domino which stays at home.

    I also use Google Contacts for most work contacts and emails- it is super convenient as these change so often!

  13. I also use my iPhone for contacts but do have an emergency list in my Filofax as I don't know any-ones number (including my hubbies) off the top of my head. I have my hubbies, parents, in-laws, childrens nursery phone numbers in my Filofax just incase my phone dies on me. I also add any travel numbers onto a designated travel page (hotel, airlines, travel insurance) before I travel incase I get delayed and my phone battery dies (it has happened on multiple occasions). It doesn't add bulk to my Filofax but is reassuring to have there...


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