03 May 2011

Free for all Tuesday No. 13

So I hope you enjoyed your weekend especially if you were lucky to have yesterday as a May public holiday.

So what questions do you have for us this week?


  1. Morning! Just wondering what you use to archive old diaries? I am sure that Filofax used to sell black storage folders but have just been on their site and can not see them any-more. Do you know if they have been discontinued?

  2. Hi Globetrotting Cacti,

    I usually buy mine in a shop. I know they are available in Germany and the UK, but not from the websites, too. Might be better to ask in a shop.

    Regards, Thomas

  3. Update: have just searched for "storage binder" and found three entries for different sizes - on the UK website...

    Maybe it's available in the US as well.

    Regards, Thomas

  4. I store my old pages like this....http://www.flickr.com/photos/54020897@N02/5004028488/in/photostream

  5. The storage binders are still for sale:


    Although it might be cheaper to go in to WHSmiths if you are in UK or TK Maxx or Tesco and pick up a cheap organiser for use as a storage binder...

    May be the Apex would make a good 'colour coded' binder?

  6. Note to all - I have just noticed from Twitter that someone names @claire_marshall seems to be doing PR for Filofax. I'm sure she'd welcome your (polite) comments re their customary failure to respond to incoming email enquiries (I've registered my opinion!).

    Just saying......

    David Popely

  7. @David, Yes I clocked her last week and followed her with the @philofaxy account. Also noticed the firm she works for is @slampr and their website: http://www.slampr.com/ doesn't exactly give alot away...

  8. Hello, Globetrotting Cacti!

    I use personal Dominos for archival purposes. All diary leaves from previous years get stored in 7 out of the 8 Dominos that I own currently. (8th one is empty right now).

    Photos, postcards, drawings from my kids, letters from them, and everything else from years past that is not included in the current filo gets stored in a personal Cuban (ink) for now, though this is subject to change as I switch out/rotate filos.


  9. I have a couple of questions about A4 filofaxes. I would like to have one to keep on my desk - my personal goes everywhere with me, but at home it would be useful to have the bigger size to keep A4 printouts plus longer notes.

    So, my questions are:

    Which of the A4 binders lie flat most easily? This doesn't bother me with the smaller sizes, as I mostly write while holding them in my hand, but for a desk-based filofax it's important!

    Secondly, do all the A4 binders come with 25mm rings - as seems from the UK website - have there ever been any with bigger rings?

    Lastly - and, yes, I know this is really superficial of me, but I am very colour-oriented - are there any A4 binders that aren't black or brown? My ideal would be a shade of blue, green or turquoise - so have they ever splashed out on bright colours in the A4 size?

    Grateful for any info or advice!

  10. Hello all!
    I have 2 Classic filos, & both seem to be suffering from some type of cracking on the surface.
    It's also mentioned in these reviews: http://www.filofax.co.uk/store/organiserdetails.asp?sizeId=1&rangeId=86&dsizeId=1

    Has any one else had this problem & is it a known issue with the Classic??

  11. Anita
    Which size is your Classic? If you are suffering similar problems. Report them to Filofax Customer Service and I'm sure they will exchange them for you.

  12. @juliet.lima1022 I have the A4 Classic which in personal form does not lay flat but in A4 it does lay flat almost out of the box.

    In fact mine stays open on my desk all the time, if I go to close it it needs a little encouragement to close because it stays open all the time.

    I've not found the 25mm rings a problem, I've been adding quite a few pages to mine recently and it's still only half full. Remember it's twice the page size of A5 so you can get a lot on a page and you don't use as many pages.

    How about an Orange A4... on 30% off at the moment here:


    Here are the A4 posts on Philofaxy including my review of my own A4



  13. @Anita, my classic (aka Cross) cracked along both sides of the tab closure so I can now see the inside materials. I did use it constantly for many years so wasn't too bothered and made this my excuse to buy a new filo. I was tired of fighting with it to write in. My next purchase was when I discovered some filos lay flat.

  14. My big questions for the week are:
    Has anybody found a source for all of the Filo-branded maps? They sell a different variety in each geographic region, and I'd like some of the Korean ones for an upcoming vacation. Unfortunately, it seems the only place to get the foreign maps is in the foreign location.
    Also: anybody know which models of pocket-size binders have notepad pockets in the back? My Malden does, and now I'm wondering which other ones do, especially w/r/t the new binders coming out this year.

  15. @stirwise - pocket sized with notepad - identity, metropol, indie, apex (new), urban (the best travel filo cos has outside zipped pocket), bond, malden, songbird. Seems there is only one new addition.

  16. @stirwise - here is a customised urban that shows the back pocket.


  17. I have a pocket windsor that has 4 rings and I haven't used it in ages because not all refills work. They changed the ring number and spacing (not sure what year) and I can never decide if I want to use this anymore. I've never found the size that easy to work with as a filo - but I'm thinking of trying it out as an address book and wallet. Its not perfect for that either though because it doesnt have a bill slot - But I hate that it's just been sitting around forever. Anyone else have a four ring binder still?


  18. We just got a delivery of the new Apex Organisers, they look brilliant, I will have to resisit buying one myself

  19. @The Crazy Suburban Mom i never knew that about the pocket windsor. i have the personal size one and it is the standard six rings...

  20. @Steve I had a DM on Twitter from Claire Marshall late yesterday an have asked her to DM me an email address so that I can explain some of the perceived shortcomings in more than 140 characters! Will keep you in the loop - possibly by blind copy?

  21. @juliet.lima1022:

    My cherry red Domino A4 lies as flat as a pancake and has done since I bought it.

  22. @Steve:

    Thanks for all these links!

    What you say about your Classic A4 is very interesting - I love my personal Finsbury, but it is a long, long way off from lying flat! So I assumed the A4 would be the same - based on what you say, maybe I should make a trip to the shop and see how they behave on the counter . . . then again, that orange Graphic on the French site is definitely bright! I couldn't lose that on my desk, however cluttered it was! I'm quite tempted.

    Thanks again - will let you know what I do in the end.

    juliet lima

  23. @T:

    That is also good to know - I don't have a Domino - in any size - but I've always liked the look of them ...

    ... so, a few clicks later: it seems the A4 Domino has been discontinued - no sign of it on the UK website anyway.

    To be honest I am not a fan of red (or pink) in any shade, so would probably have taken black over cherry red anyway.

    Now if there were an A4 Domino in aquamarine, that would be quite a different matter!

  24. It's true, the Domnino lays perfectly flat. The only downside to the Domino is the quality of the binder. It bought mine used about a month ago and the penloop on the right side - getting the mosst use is beginning to tear. The inside lining is some kind of suede or something, which is not great at all...

    I'll probably have to get my hands on a Malden or a Finchley.
    Having said that, the Domino is the cheapest filo and a great way to test out a different format if your thinking of switching...

  25. Suburban Mom, I have a four-ring binder in that size, but it's a Brighton one (does have a bill pocket). It can take any of the Filofax pocket inserts that have the slotted (oval-like) holes, but not the ones with perfectly round holes. The slotted ones are compatible with the older 4-ring pocket size. I also just make my own inserts using a pocket hole punch and punching two holes on either end of the paper.

  26. juliet.lima1022

    Ack!!I misspoke! My Domino is an A5, not an A4. Sorry for the confusion.

    I do have an A4, but it is a Guilford. It lies flat very nicely, but only comes in black.

  27. @Juliet. I have an A5 Graphic and simply adore it. You won't regret buying that style.

  28. Which female author mentions Filofax over and over in her work? I cannot remember her name for the life of me!

    Thanks in advance!

  29. @ Steve & @ Saffy - thanks for your comments. I sent my Classics to filofax & they have just confirmed they'll replace the Personal size for free! Really excellent customer service :)